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How it started

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Founded in early 2018 by two friends Bilal and Basha, Growaholic was conceived to help great ideas get above the noise using cutting edge data and analytics modelling mixed with on-demand agile growth marketing strategies and tactics. Becoming a valuable component to the growth and success of some of the most innovative businesses around was a core focus from day 1.


What We Do

We develop advanced digital marketing and growth strategies, and high-impact campaigns. We help our clients succeed bridging the divide between marketing and product, leverage rapid experimentation, adhere to the metrics, and foster a culture of grit. We also prove our value with sophisticated data analytics. If you're ready to grow revenue and rise above your competition, count on us to lead you to new heights

Agile Market Domination

Most websites just don’t work for businesses—they are simply displays of design skills, past work, services, and a contact page. But you can change all that with Growaholic's Agile Market Domination, which can become the foundation and hub of your integrated online presence. The result? A restructured, re-strategized and re-organized online marketing and sales systems.

Growth Hacking Strategy

We always start with a growth strategy! With your growth roadmap, you have your guide to growth. This includes // channel strategy // buyer persona or ideal client profile // Inbound strategy // onboarding strategy //  user acquisition strategy // user activation strategy // Referral strategy  // User retention strategy // Tool analysis // Marketing automation // CRM strategy


Lead-gen campaigns are designed to generate large numbers of marketing qualified leads for your sales team to follow up on. Getting lead generation right requires setting up promotions for each step along the buyer’s journey – from awareness to consideration to purchase intent. The goal is to deliver a sequence of content that moves your audience closer and closer to an eventual purchase decision. By setting up lead scoring, you can track engagement and convert leads into customers.


Content marketing is all about telling the world who you are and why you matter. It's also about putting your story in a context that will your target audience relate to. As every business is unique, we’ll create a bespoke content marketing strategy to engage your target audience and keep them returning to your site for content such as news, ideas or industry comment. By becoming a resource for your potential customers, your brand will be front of mind when they are ready to purchase.


Our strategic approach to your page structure, tagging, keyword targeting and back linking ensures that your content will rank high on search engines. SEO brings together the technical side of web design and content structure with content strategy and messaging to best reach the most potential buyers. It’s about building the best site with the best answer for your potential clients’ most pressing needs. We dig into user behavior to help our clients understand the best ways to reach their potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

People live on their social media feeds. That’s why social media is such an ideal place to engage with prospects and grow interest in your brand. The trick is knowing how to reach the right audience on the right platform with the right kinds of posts for getting attention. We help you grow your business by engaging with prospects on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and other social channels. You can count on us to connect with your best prospects and drive consistent results.


What Our Clients Say

Lara Demirjian - UAE Prime Minister’s Office

I worked with Abdullah at the UAE Prime Minister’s Office when we first launched the global initiative for Best m-Government Service Award, now known as GovTech Prize today and I must admit I was very impressed with his enthusiasm, knowledge, courage and his diligence. Loved working with him.. and will welcome any opportunity to work with him again.


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