How We Became #1 "Growth Hacking Consultants" Globally According to Google

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

In a little bit over a year, we have grown our website from being unranked by Google to topping the search results on some of the most popular keywords regarding Growth Hacking including "Growth Hacking Consultants", "Growth Hacking Consultancy Firms" and "Growth Hacking Agency".

In this article, we want to share with you some of our secrets that lead us here:

Secret #1: Treat Google as a Conscious Human Being

Gone are the days when humans tried to understand search engine algorithms in order to beat it. In the early 2000s, a popular strategy to rank on Google was to speak its language and write as if you're writing to the machine. However, with the recent technology advancements -especially in Artificial Intelligence-, it has become quite impossible to understand the complex algorithm of Google. Its AI has grown smarter and smarter, and it seems that any attempt to outsmart it will only result in a backfire.

Google currently possesses one of the most advanced AI in the history of humankind, and we at Growaholic deal with Google as the intelligence it is.

It is more simple than you think. We simply treat Google as a conscious human. When we write content, we don't write it to beat the algorithm, we write it as if we're writing to fellow humans- which is how it should be. To rank on Google, we don't think how can we convince the machine that we're good at what we're doing. We rather think about how can we convince a conscious mind that we're subject matter experts, and the intelligent machine will rank us high subsequently.

Secret #2: Data Analysis and Constant Iterations

The beauty of the digital realm comes from its ability to produce an infinite amount of data. This data is the language by which the machine communicates with us. However, as long as the data are scattered and unorganized, we won't be able to understand it. For that reason, we make sure to integrate our websites and marketing channels with advanced Data Analytics tools. Such tools tell us what is working and what is not. It reflects what the conscious mind of Google likes and what it doesn't.

Based on such analysis we iterate on our tactics and strategies to optimize our results. If something is working, we do more of it. If something isn't working, data gives us hints on why it is not working, and how can we make it work.

Secret #3: Time and Consistency

We always tell our customers: "if you want sustainable growth for your business, you need time and consistency". Nothing sustainable is created in a blink of an eye. As long as you're writing content and activating your marketing channels consistently, you will keep on growing.

When we started our boutique consultancy firm, we eyed some specific keywords that we wanted to rank on- namely "Growth Hacking Consultants", "Growth Hacking Consultancy" and "Growth Hacking Agency", and now we're ranked #1, #2, and #10 in order. It took us a year of consistent strategic work to achieve this.

We didn't rapidly jump around between different strategies and tactics. We took our time to test our strategy. We iterated on some of our tactics based on the data analysis, but we remained consistent with our content and marketing efforts, and it paid off.

Do not give up too soon! It takes time for Google Spiders to crawl through your website and improve your rankings.

The Bigger Picture

If you reach this far in reading this article, then I hope you're not disappointed that the article didn't include a technical guide on how to reach #1 in your preferred keyword.

Even though getting ranked for a keyword is considered to fall under SEO, this is not how we see it at Growaholic. We don't deal with our marketing components separately.

We think of marketing as a mix of science, art, psychology, and philosophy. Everything starts with a 360 marketing strategy, and the rest is just implementation. It is the growth hacking mindset that distinguishes us.

Nevertheless, we won't leave you hanging. Here is a wonderful guide to SEO that walks you through a step-by-step guide on how to rank on your chosen keywords.

And if you would like to know more about Growth Hacking, here is a guide for you


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